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Erlend Körberg – is he like his father?

by bengans

Erlend Körberg is the son of the man with probably Sweden’s most well-known voice; Tommy Körberg. It is sometimes said that he followed in his father’s footsteps, but this is not necessarily true. With that surname, he could have been a household name by now. So why isn’t he?

What little we know about Erlend Körberg

Full nameErland Gustav H Roaldsen Körberg
BornFebruary 13th, 1996
LiveSkeppsmäklargatan, Stockholm
FamilyFather Tommy Körberg, mother Kirsti Skavberg Roaldsen and half-siblings Anton Körberg and Elvira Körberg

Erlend Körberg – a family with a chequered past

Erlend Körberg hasn’t really made much noise. His brother Anton Körberg is the other star of the family. He has appeared in the old soap “White Lies” and other TV productions over the years. He has also contributed two grandchildren to Tommy, of whom Erlend Körberg is of course an uncle.

Tommy Körberg has had three wives and had children with each of them. That he was not the best of fathers to first son Anton can perhaps be explained by his own history of being left in foster care as a baby. Tommy abandoned Anton when he left Anki Lidén, Anton’s mother.

Family patterns that are repeated for generations are not uncommon. We can only hope that Erlend and Anton can do better and be more present fathers. It seems that Anton is aiming for it with a lot of child focus on his Instagram, but does Erlend have any kids on the way?

Erlend Körberg and love

Erlend Körberg will be 27 in February, so it’s time to have children. According to Facebook, he has been in a relationship with Lisa Holmgren since February 2020. They live together in an apartment in Stockholm and seem to have studied music together. At least they recorded music together during his student days.

None of them seem to be active on Instagram and no pictures or comments on Facebook suggest marriage or children in sight. Who knows if it is relevant or not. Today it is not uncommon to wait until well after 30 before taking those steps. They’ve only been together a couple of years. I think we can simply give them some time.

Erlend Körberg and his career

Erland Körberg obviously has similar interests to his father Körberg. Despite the fact that music and theatre have played an important part in his life, he is virtually unknown to the average Swede. His career so far seems to consist of:

  • Work at the Oscar Theatre
  • Music studies at Skeppsholmen Folk High School.
  • “Geese! – Selma’s Wonderful Journey Through Sweden”. A production with her music class. Own music and interpretation of “Nils Holgersson’s wonderful journey through Sweden”.
  • Location manager for the series “Hamilton”, according to the site Imdb
  • Additional crew in the series “Morden i Sandhamn” and “Sthlm Rekviem”
  • Korberg Production – a sole proprietorship in his name is registered according to the site Ratsit, but without further information.

Much more than that is difficult to unearth about him. Of course, he’s still young, so who’s to say he’s not on his way to a career like his father? The question is, however, whether he is even interested in it.

Son of Tommy Körberg – a shrimp sandwich into celebrity life?

If your last name is Körberg and you want to get into the music business – shouldn’t you have a pretty big advantage already? We don’t know how much or how little Dad Tommy has supported his son in his career, but you have to wonder.

There are many examples of celebrities today who have made great use of their parents’ careers when it comes to starting their own. Just watch:

  • The actors Skarsgård
  • All Wahlgrens/Ingrossos
  • The whole Parnevik family
  • Hedman/Graaf

Perhaps, however, Erlend Körberg is not particularly keen to become as famous as his father. Maybe he’s not interested in making a fortune and appearing on big stages and on the front pages like Tommy Körberg has done for around 50 years. The fact that he doesn’t use his name to be seen, and doesn’t use social media, are signs of it anyway. So maybe we can leave him to his more anonymous and hopefully happy life.


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